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About Us was established on 2011 and operates within Balcanina.

The Vision of is to be an outstanding company in its field, with a professional leading, modern and with a purpose of being leader in providing online products in Kosovo and to all Albanian territories.

The Aim of our company is to create a leading position in the direct television sales field, and that our preciseness and prosperity to be reflected in the satisfaction of our clients. Our purpose is to expand, to deepen and strengthen the cooperation with our business clients and partners for a long-term period.

Our call center consists of a professional trained team, very prepared in the marketing field, which have a duty to be in a fully readiness towards our cardholder and new clients’ requirements, and are capable in creating and maintaining good relations with them in order to make both sides satisfied.

What do we offer?

·         DRTV

·         Telemarketing

·         Fully Services and Distribution

·         Direct Sales on TV

·         Direct Sales

·         Online Sales on Web

·         Sales by Catalog


We have a closely cooperation with two national televisions:  KTV and Klan Kosova, and also with the regional televisions: TV Syri, TV Dukagjini, TV Tema, TV Vali, TV Mitrovica, TV Prizreni as a way to present directly our products.


Our based phone activities are based in 7 days per week from 9 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. each day.

Our activities are:

·         Inbound calls     – (receiving messages and media reaction monitoring)

·         Outbound calls  – (sales advertisement and direct sales)

·         Special offers    – (discounts during the holidays, seasonal discounts …)

·          Internet offers   – ( ‘OfertaPako’ with an exclusive discount for our online clients)

Fully Services and Distribution

We offer to our clients fully services starting from taking orders, packaging, to the distribution by including postal service facility. The distribution of products to our clients we make throughout the local post office KOEX within the territory of Kosova.  The payment of the product is made when the costumer receives the product and signs the receipt.

Direct sales on TV

Direct Sales are done throughout TV when the order is made through calls after the advertising of our products.

Direct Sales

We also do the direct sale of our products for our clients who are interested to have a direct contact with the product before buying is made.

Online Sales on Web

Our products are made also shown on our online web page, where you can make the order firstly by being registered and making your new personal profile, and then by selecting your product and adding it in the shopping cart. Our operators will be in touch with you for bringing the product.

Sales catalog

Selling products through catalog is made by our agents. The presentation of our product is done in a direct manner, and it enables that the interested client in any of our products to have less expenses. offers a great professional experience. The cooperation with us will be a great opportunity for understanding our efficient service on our products.

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